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Eoin Murray
19 December 2022, 10:52

Emissive releases new EP, ‘Unseen Measures’, on Aronia Records

The Toronto artist’s stargazing house and techno shoots for deep space

Emissive releases new EP, ‘Unseen Measures’, on Aronia Records

Emissive has released a new EP, ‘Unseen Measures’, via Aronia Records. Listen below. 

The Toronto-based producer follows the vinyl reissue of his blissed-out 2021 EP, ‘City Of Rooms’ via Telephone Explosion, with a four-tracker that propels his stargazing house and techno into deep space. From the quick, cosmic pulse of opener ‘Oxygen Contact’ – complete with otherworldly synth echoes and an irresistibly buoyant bassline – to the dubwise hypnotism of 11-minute closer, ‘Resounding Yes’, this is music tailored for astral projection via the dancefloor. Centrepieces ‘Grannr’ and ‘Uplink’ thrust and bounce with natural, analog funk; flurries of melody and metallic gusts weave through tough clusters of drums.

Emissive has previously released music on labels including Vancouver’s Pacific Rhythm, and is one of half of the duo, Active Surplus, alongside Ian Syrett.  

Listen to ‘Unseen Measures’ below.