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Eris Drew announces debut solo EP, ‘Fluids Of Emotion’

The EP lands on Valentines Day

Eris Drew will release her debut solo EP via Interdimensional Transmissions later this month.

Titled 'Fluids Of Emotion', the three-track EP will be released on the 14th February, and is a deeply personal project recorded at her parents house in Chicago. It follows her appearence on the Needs006 compilation last year, as well as a 70-minute mixtape on T4TLUVNRG, the label she co-runs with partner Octo Octa.

Speaking about the title track, Drew said: I wrote and recorded 'Fluids of Emotion' immediately after I finished work on 'Hold Me' (Naive Records) in the Winter of 2018. I had fallen in love and only weeks earlier experienced something transformative during a series of connection rituals with my partner. As we exchanged energy I visualized a feeling-toned self-transforming tunneling singularity behind my eyes. It appeared like a spiraling mandala-like geometry. A gate.

"Previously, it had only materialized under the influence of psychedelics or during my most ecstatic DJ sets. I was shaken. After our time together I would see my love in mirrors, send her messages through the singularity, and feel her in moments when I needed her. I was alone a lot. I poured my feelings into 'Fluids of Emotion'."

Eris Drew fronted DJ Mag UK's November issue. DJ Mag's Lauren Martin met with Drew in Berlin, to talk about breaking club conventions, turntablism and personal empowerment.

Hear the preview of 'Fluids Of Emotion' below.