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Fabric is selling its Room Three soundsystem on Ebay

The Martin Audio rig can be all yours if the price is right…

Fabric’s sound system is world famous and part of it can now be bought in an online auction.

The Martin Audio rig from room three of the Farringdon club, including subwoofers, main drivers and booth monitors from Arch 1 and Arch 2, are now on eBay in a live auction.

Each Arch’s system has its own listing, both of which will end on Wednesday 26th September.

The two auctions were on £1,200 and £980 at the time of writing, but are expected to rise significantly before the listings’ end, given the 19 years' experience of being played by all manner of famous DJs.

The auction comes after a relaunch of room three, which will feature a brand new soundsystem.

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