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Film documenting Georgia’s 2018 protest rave to debut this weekend, Raving Riot

Stephan Polivanov's Raving Riot is set for a free screening and Q+A at Tate Modern on Friday

A new film documents a protest rave in Georgia in 2018.

Set for a free screening (following a Q+A discussion) at London's Tate Modern on Friday, 29th November, Stephan Polivanov's Raving Riot chronicles the club raids and youth-led protest raves in Tbilisi in the former Soviet republic last year.

Doubling as an exploration of the broader development of Georgia's club scene, the trailer for the film can be watched below.

In a statement, Polivanov said, "The news about the rave at the Georgian Parliament quickly became a sensation. And the energy at the Parliament square was amazing. But we decided to make a movie about what remained beyond the news and beautiful pictures and explore the generation that made that protest possible. This is a coming-of-age story of people who have become aware of themselves being a political force and having a voice, but do not yet understand what to do with it."

On 3rd December, R3 Soundsystem will unite the dance music community once again for a protest rave against Trump, Boris, and Farage.