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Four Tet debuts new music at London exhibition

The tracks can only be heard at the exhibition by artist Anna Liber Lewis...

Four Tet is to debut new music as part of an upcoming art exhibition in London in collaboration with artist Anna Liber Lewis.

The news was shared along with part of one of the three tracks that the producer has contributed to the exhibition. Three tracks in total will feature, and the pair have decided to collaborate having grown up together. They wanted their respective disciplines to come together to create a ‘multi-sensory experience’. 

Four Tet created the three tracks over the course of six months specifically as a reaction to Lewis’ paintings. “We are both influenced by how we move through the world and the people and things close to us,” Lewis has said of their respective work.

The exhibition, called ‘Muscle Memory', is running at Elephant West until 18th March. Find more information here.

Four Tet is set to play at Coachella and Boomtown this summer, while he’s also lined up two dates at London’s Alexandra Palace in May.