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Marissa Cetin
26 March 2024, 15:56

Frankie Knuckles classics and remixes set for vinyl release via Defected’s House Masters

The storied UK house label celebrates the late Chicago house legend on the tenth anniversary of his death with a new vinyl pressing of his 2015 compilation

Frankie Knuckles classics and remixes set for vinyl release via Defected’s House Masters

Defected is releasing a collection of the late Frankie Knuckles' classics and remixes in a new vinyl set.

Part of the storied UK label's 'House Masters' compilation series originally released in 2015, the new vinyl pressings of 'Frankie Knuckles Volume One' and 'Two' will be released in May. This will be the compilation's first official release since the original double-CD version went out of stock, with the digital version unavailable due to licensing restrictions.

"Back in 2013 we embarked on a journey with Frankie and his manager Judy Weinstein to release his very own volume of our ‘House Masters’ compilation series", Defected wrote on Instagram. "Tragically and unexpectedly, Frankie passed away in 2014 and respectfully the project was put on hold."

'Volume One' features Frankie Knuckles classics like 'It's Hard Sometime', 'Too Many Fish' and more, with remixes of Hercules & Love Affair and Loose Ends, among others. On 'Volume Two', there are hits like 'The Whistle Song' and 'Workout', as well as remixes of classics including Candi Staton's 'Hallelujah Anyway' and First Choice's 'Let No Man Put Asunder'. 

The vinyl release is part of Defected's tribute to Frankie Knuckles for the tenth anniversary of the Chicago house legend's death on 31st March. "To commemorate his life and the legacy he left, we’re dedicating a week’s worth of announcements, activities, and posts to Frankie in honour of the influence that he left on us", the Defected team wrote.

Proceeds from 'House Masters: Frankie Knuckles' will go to The Frankie Knuckles Foundation

Defected previously highlighted Todd Edwards in its 2021 House Masters release. 

Defected is currently celebrating its 25th anniversary as a label with a new collaborative record series called 'Together'. For more on the enduring house institution's history, revisit Ben Arnold's retrospective with founder Simon Dunmore from 2019. 

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See the new vinyl release via Instagram.