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Gary Richards’ new career move is running Electric ZOO

Richards announced the news via Twitter...

After Gary Richards decided to leave Live Nation and with it the day-to-day running of HARD and its spin-off Holy Ship!, Richards has today announced he will be running another Livestyle brand, Electric Zoo.

Last month, a number of Holy Ship! regulars kicked up a fuss online about Richards not being part of the 2018 edition of the cruise ship festival.

In reality, Richards sold HARD Events, which includes Holy Ship!, to Live Nation and part of the deal was for Richards remain the face of the event for five years, with the five years ending this summer.

Anyway, the producer-come-promoter — who operates under the name Destructo — has now taken up a similar position for New York's Electic Zoo, owned by Livestyle (formerly SFX).

Livestyle was created in the aftermath of SFX's bankruptcy and restructuring, which saw SFX's CEO Robert Sillerman removed from the day-to-day running of the company.

Since the restructuring, and Sillerman's removal, Livestyle has managed to steady the ship and will now be using Richards' unique skill set to grow Electric Zoo.