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Get the sound and swing of the MPC for free with Akai's new beat-making software

Akai Pro's new music-making software is a free download

Akai Pro has announced a new free music-making software called MPC Beats. Inspired by the functionality of their classic samplers and groove machines, MPC Beats is a free download and features the same swing and programming from the original as well as 2GB of sample content to get you started. 

MPC Beats also features three built-in instrument plugins and a piano roll for writing bassline and melodies and the software works with all class-compliant USB MIDI controllers. There are also 80 FX plugins to shape your sound once you’ve got the beat nailed. Akai has introduced a series of expansions, starting at $9.99, to grow your sample collection once you're ready to explore new sounds. 

MPC Beats is free and is available now. Watch the video below for more info.