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GoFundMe launched in aid of Inner City’s Paris Grey following family tragedy

Kevin Saunderson and Dennis White are behind the campaign... 

A GoFundMe has been launched in aid of Inner City’s Paris Grey following a devastating family tragedy. 

Detroit techno legend Kevin Saunderson and Grammy-winning producer Dennis White — AKA Latroit — are asking dance music fans to give money to help the acclaimed singer following the loss of her daughter to cancer.

"After the costs involved in that battle, she is struggling to meet the financial requirements of funeral arrangements," a statement on the fundraising page from White reads. “Kevin Saunderson and I are reaching out to our friends who may have been positively influenced by Paris’ contributions to the world of Dance Music, asking you to consider helping us raise $4,000 for her as soon as possible.

"Any amount is helpful, and equally, if you could pass this call to action around to anyone that you think might be sympathetic to her situation, we’d certainly appreciate that as well.”

Head for the GoFundMe page to get involved.