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GRiZ’s annual 12 days of Grizmas to raise money for Detroit’s youth

The DJ and producer will host events leading up to Christmas

GRiZ will present his 12 days of GRiZMAS event series for the sixth year running next month.

The events will run from the 3rd of December through until the 15th, and culminate in two events at Detroit's Masonic Temple.

The first event taking place is The GRiZMAS Workshop Grand Opening, which is located in downtown Detroit. The workshop remains open every day throughout GRiZMAS from 10AM until 6PM, and as well as donating toys and coats, guests will be able to customize GRiZMAS merch, and use a donation-based gift wrapping station.

Among the other events are crafts and cocktail making, a day dedicated to serving the community, a Dodgeball tournament, Yoga, and a local mic night. On the 11th & 12th December, two specially curated GRiZ events will take place. The first event will see GRiZ perform a special '10 - '17 set, with the second night consisting of GRiZ's live show, The Imaginarium.

100% of the proceeds from every GRiZMAS event will be donated to Seven Mile, an organisation funding after school music, arts and coding programs for Detroit’s youth.

Check out the full list of events below and find out more here.

Day 1: The GRiZMAS Workshop Grand Opening
Day 2: Killer Crafts & Cocktails
Day 3: Serve Our Community Day
Day 4: Mystery Party
Day 5: GRiZMAS Dodgeball Tournament
Day 6: Yoga
Day 7: Local Mic Night
Day 8: Holiday Jazz w/ GRiZ & Friends
Day 9: “Coming Soon”
Day 10: “Coming Soon”
Day 11: GRiZMAS Night 1
Day 12: GRiZMAS Night 2