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Helpline launched for sexual harassment victims in the dance music industry

The number to call is 0800 030 5182...

DJ Mag has teamed up with the Association For Electronic Music (AFEM) and its members and others to initiate a helpline for people to report sexual harassment in the dance music industry. 

Since the sexual harassment revelations about notorious Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein and others, tales of sexual misconduct have been emerging from all sectors of the entertainment industry.

The #metoo campaign has seen tens of thousands of women share their stories about being the victims of sexual abuse or harassment in all walks of life.

The music industry is no different — and rumours have been swirling around about sexual misconduct by some leading figures in the electronic music scene over the past few weeks.

These stories can be anything from grooming to groping to rape — there are some very serious accusations, some of which have already been reported to police. 

The new helpline, operated by workplace health organisation Health Assured, is being staffed by trained experts, who will listen to and support anyone who calls in.

The number to call is 0800 030 5182

“To step forward as a victim of abuse or harassment takes immense courage, and we will support all who need help and guidance through this support service,” said Mark Lawrence, CEO of the AFEM, who are also soon going to be releasing a code of conduct for organisations to adopt in order to aim to reach the highest standards of behaviour.

“There is no level of sexual harassment, assault or misconduct that we shouldn’t be outraged about,” said DJ Mag's December cover star, Nicole Moudaber. “Women were made to feel throughout history that this behaviour is normal — well not anymore.”

“While I’ve been lucky enough not to have had problems with sexual harassment throughout my career, I know the experiences of other females working in the music industry has been very different,” said DJ/producer Anja Schneider of Sous Music. 

“This behaviour has become normalised over the years and needs to be called out at every opportunity. No form of sexual harassment or abuse is ever OK. We need to be vocal and stand as one — both women and men — to send the message that this is not acceptable. And also, very importantly, ensure that the guilty perpetrators are held responsible for their actions. The time to stand up is now.”

“There should be no place for sexual abuse or harassment in the music industry,” added Carl Loben, DJ Mag editor. “For too long, predatory men in positions of power have got away with it.

"Setting up this confidential helpline for victims of sexual abuse in electronic music is an important rst step during this watershed post-Weinstein moment for society, when the #metoo campaign has given many women the con dence to speak out. We all need to work together to end this abuse forever.”

The helpline number again: 0800 030 5182.