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History of club culture to be charted in new exhibition

The show will take place 25th April at London's fabric nightclub...

The history of club culture is to be chronicled and celebrated in a one-night-only exhibition at London nightclub fabric.

The show, cataloguing the social and political factors which shaped nightlife's counter-culture, is a collaboration between the iconic club, subculture history archivists OurHistory and vape company Logic, and will take place on April 25th.

Constituting some of the most vivid and iconic photos from OurHistory's archive, the exhibition will showcase clubbing's counter-cultural progression through history, from the '70s Russian hippie movement railing against their Soviet government, to modern day Japanarchy, via the rise of techno in 90s Berlin.

The show is curated by Ernesto Leal, founder of the Red Gallery, who annotated it as a "statement made in opposition to the current all-pervasive view that is both ignorant and cynical towards the ethics, diversity and richness of collective histories – marginalised cultures that could not exist without the European collective conscience."

You can buy tickets for £5 here, with all proceeds going towards mental health charity Grae Matta, and you can check out where fabric landed on our 2019 Top 100 Clubs here.