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Hudson Mohawke, Eris Drew, KMRU, more remix Lyra Pramuk’s ‘Fountain’ on new double LP

The artist has also announced free plug-ins for Spitfire Audio's LABS series 

Berlin-based American producer and vocalist Lyra Pramuk has announced a double album of remixes, 'Delta', released through Icelandic imprint Bedroom Community. The reworked record will arrive on 24th September. 

The release sees 12 artists from four continents turn their hands to Pramuk's acclaimed debut LP, 'Fountain'. Hudson Mohawke, Colin Self, KMRU, Kara-Lis Coverdale, Caterina Barbieri, Vessel, Eris Drew, Tygapaw, Ben Frost, Gabber Modus Operandi, Heaven In Stereo, Nailah Hunter, and Valgeir Sigurdsson have all contributed. 

Pramuk has also announced 'Siren Songs', a new project with Spitfire Audio, offering free plug-ins for the LABS series created from 'Fountain' samples, which can work in DAWs across multiple formats. In April Pramuk contributed to DJ Mag's crate-digging Selections series. Take a look at the full tracklist for 'Delta' below and listen to the first track, Vessel's take on 'Fountain (ars amatoria)'.  

Lyra Pramuk - 'Delta' 

1. 'Offering' - Valgeir Sigurdsson
2. 'Witness (Selfless Rework)' - Colin Self
3. 'Constructs of Still' - KMRU
4. 'Tendril (Midnight Peach Rework)' - Hudson Mohawke
5. 'Returnless' - Kara-Lis Coverdale
6. 'Tendril (Germinative Rework)' - Caterina Barbieri
7. 'Fountain (ars amatoria)' - Vessel
8. 'Sugarcube Revelations' - Eris Drew
9. 'Everything Is Beautiful & Alive' - Eris Drew
10. 'Cradle (Patience Rework)' - Ben Frost
11. 'Kaca Bulan Baru' - Gabber Modus Operandi
12. 'Gossip (Catalyst Rework)' - Heaven in Stereo
13. 'New Moon (Distant Shores Rework)' - Nailah Hunter
14. 'New Moon (In Pisces Rework)' - Tygapaw

Image credit: Joseph Kado