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Brian Coney
10 April 2024, 14:20

Kevin Richard Martin and KMRU collaborate on new album, ‘Disconnect’

The six-track debut from Martin, aka The Bug, and Kenyan ambient artist Joseph Kamaru is described as a "back-and-forth creative dialogue"


Kevin Richard Martin, aka The Bug, and KMRU have teamed up for a new album, 'Disconnect'.

Set for release via Brighton-based imprint Phantom Limb on 14th June, the debut collaborative full-length from UK producer Martin and Kenyan ambient musician KMRU - real name Joseph Kamaru - is described in a press release as "a powerful study of dread, hope, and profound sonics."

What began as reciprocal admiration for each other’s work eventually blossomed into an invitation sent by Martin to Kamaru to collaborate on an album.

Described as a "back-and-forth creative dialogue that started life in Martin’s studio," the project has resulted in a six-track release, which can be pre-ordered here.

Reflecting on the album's beginnings, Kamaru said: “The album originated from an exploration of a text I wrote during my sound art studies, delving into the complexities of Otherness. The project served as a response to Audre Lorde's idea that differences should be embraced as a dynamic force within humanity, rather than a perceived threat.”

Accompanying news of 'Disconnect' is the release of its lead single, 'Differ'. Out 10th April, it can be streamed below.

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