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Phantom Limb


The six-track debut from Martin, aka The Bug, and Kenyan ambient artist Joseph Kamaru is described as a "back-and-forth creative dialogue"

Kevin Richard Martin, aka The Bug, and KMRU have teamed up for a new album, 'Disconnect'. Set for release via Brighton-based imprint Phantom Limb on...

Grainy analogue photo of myst milano wearing a large white puffer jacket. They are posing in front of a faded pink curtain and their face is illuminated with a soft red light

Toronto’s myst milano. records a dazzlingly high-energy club mix for the Fresh Kicks series, and speaks to Megan Venzin about activism, AI, chronicling the conversation between Black music genres, and their new album, ‘Beyond The Uncanny Valley’

Run a Google search for myst milano., and the image results are a sight to behold. Adorned in flamboyant hats, beehive-spun braids, and soaring platforms...

WaqWaq Kingdom pose in colourful rain ponchos

The duo's third release is a collection of dance songs written in response to ecological anxiety

WaqWaq Kingdom, the duo comprising Shigeru Ishihara (aka DJ Scotch Egg) and Kiki Hitomi, are back with news of their second album. The Japanese “minyo...

Loraine James: the art of instinct

Innovative London producer, live act and Hyperdub affiliate Loraine James has forged her own path with a personal sound that blends IDM, glitch and ambient with math rock, R&B and more. After releasing two albums in 2022 — for Ghostly International and Phantom Limb — and playing the Southbank Centre with the London Contemporary Orchestra, she meets Eoin Murray to discuss reimagining the works of American avant-garde composer Julius Eastman, expressing emotion through music, and staying true to her instincts

If you’d have told Loraine James a year ago that on a Sunday night in October 2022 she’d be performing at London’s Southbank Centre alongside...

Loraine James releases new album, 'Building Something Beautiful For Me', on Phantom Limb

The artist pays homage to the late composer Julius Eastman on the record

Loraine James has released her new album, 'Building Something Beautiful For Me'. Out today (7th October) on Phantom Limb, it's her third album to date...

A black and white press shot of Loraine James in a hat / credit: Tim Saccenti

The record pays homage to the late American composer Julius Eastman

Loraine James has shared a new single, ‘Choose To Be Gay (Femenine)’. Taken from the artist's forthcoming album, 'Building Something Beautiful For Me', on Phantom...