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April Clare Welsh
18 March 2024, 13:53

Iglooghost announces new album on LUCKYME®, shares single: Listen

'Tidal Memory Exo’ was made while the Irish producer was "squatting in an old MOT garage on the Kent coast"

Photo credit: Igor Pjörrt

Iglooghost has shared details of his new album for LUCKYME®.

Due out on 10th May, 'Tidal Memory Exo’ was made while producer was "squatting in an old MOT garage on the Kent coast, next to a sewage plant and surrounded by old strains, fumes, overcast weather and choppy seas," according to a press release.

The album brings his vocals to the fore for the first time and draws inspiration from "old Factory Records frontmen". “I wanted to make an album that sounded super relentless, violent, and pummelling, or like filthy tidal waves smashing against walls of rusted sea urchins. It’s an aquatic album, but in a fossilised, sewage-ridden, decaying type of way," he explained.

You can check out the LP's first single, 'Coral Mimic', below.

"'Coral Mimic' is my go at a new local subgenre people are calling Post-Coil. I made it on a horrible corrosive drum sequencer that can only be touched with gloves on," he added. "Every 4 minutes the LCD display gets obscured by an internal fuel leakage, so I had to keep stopping so I could siphon the excess diesel out in time. The tune turned out alright but you can tell I'm clearly really pissed off cos of the technical issues distracting me.” 

Iglooghost's last album 'Lei Line Eon' came out in 2021 via Gloo. Last year he teamed up with Marina Herlop for the ‘Collision Data' single on London's LUCKYME® label.

In 2023, the label also put out Jacques Greene’s ‘Fantasy’ EP and Nathan Micay’s fourth studio album, ‘To The God Named Dream’.