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This interactive map shows you independent record stores that are still operating, and how to buy from them

The map has been created by Beggars Group

A new interactive map has been developed to show you what independent record stores are still operating in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, and how you can buy from them. 

Created by Beggars Group, the company which runs labels including Matador, 4AD, XL, Young Turks and Rough Trade, the map is divided into three sections: the UK, USA and Rest of the World. Most stores on the map are operating a mail order policy, while some are also offering local delivery services and options to pick up.

Check out the map, and learn more about how to support independent record stores in this difficult time, here

Earlier this week, a new campaign, #recordstoreoftheday, was launched to encourage people to continue supporting their local record stores by ordering online where possible.

Last month, Bristol record shop Idle Hands issued a stark warning on how the pandemic might affect small, independent businesses.