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An intimate 150-capacity club will open in Liverpool for 12 months, Best Before

The temporary venue takes inspiration from the likes of Plastic People and Dance Tunnel...

A new 150-capacity club is opening in Liverpool for 12 months, called Best Before.

Opening in a condemned building attached to the event space Constellations, the club's name is a nod to its temporariness, given its tenure ends just before the building is scheduled to be demolished.

Inspired by the close-knit intimacy of London's tragically closed Plastic People and Dance Tunnel, Best Before will also feature minimal lighting and a no-phones-on-dancefloor policy. 

Nick Baserville, venue & marketing director for Constellations, commented: "It''s going to be focused around long sets for up-and-coming local and international DJs, an incubator for local live and electronic artists to really express themselves."

Tickets for Best Before nights can be found here.

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