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Joy Orbison releases debut mixtape 'still slipping vol.1': Listen

The mixtape is out now on vinyl, CD, and cassette

Joy Orbison has released his debut full-length record. 

The mixtape, titled 'still slipping vol. 1' — a nod to his 2019 EP 'Slipping' — was first announced in July, and is out now via XL Recordings. 

The mixtape features a range of vocal productions and collaborations between Orbison, who became a BBC Radio 1 resident last summer, Herron, James Massiah, Bathe, Léa Sen, Goya Gumbani, and Tyson. There's also soundbites from the producer's mother, father, sister, and two uncles — one recently deceased — are also included, all of which were recorded in lockdown. 

Speaking about the record last month, Orbison said: “I've been working on the idea of a mixtape for a while now. I'd never really wanted to make an album, but the way I've been making and listening to music has changed a lot over the last few years and it doesn't always make sense on a single or EP. I also had this realisation that I wish my records were better suited to soundtracking people's bus journeys. 

"In my head this is a soul record but I'm not sure that's how people will hear it. The cover star is my wonderful cousin Leighann who introduced me to jungle, d’n'b, and UK garage at a young age. Without her I wouldn’t be doing what I do today," he continued. "I love this picture by Rosie Marks, it reminds me of a sample I wanted to nick from a Potter Payper interview that pretty much sums up my career - ‘you never know what a kind word could do for someone’." 

'still slipping vol. 1' is out now on vinyl, CD, and cassette, alongside merchandise made in partnership with Tokyo clothing brand, Cav Empt. You can purchase the mixtape via Bandcamp

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