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Justice reckon David Guetta secretly releases "good music" under secret names

Yeah right...

Justice's Xavier De Rosnay has suggested in an interview that David Guetta releases "good music" under secret aliases.

In a short interview with CSTAR, French duo Justice were asked to choose between the musical delights of electro don Vitalic or EDM supremo David Guetta.

De Rosnay — who is the more talkative of the two — naturally answered Vitalic, but not before he suggested that David Guetta actually releases "good music" under secret aliases.

Unfortunately, the interview (below) is in French, with French subtitles, but with the help of Google Translate, De Rosnay loosely answers, "Guetta made a strange choice releasing really, really good music under fake names."

He doesn't offer up any more information on the accusation — which leads us to think: which artist names could Guetta be releasing "good music" under?

Check out the short video interview below.

In other Justice news, the French duo will be touching down in London this September for two 'Woman' Live shows at the Brixton Academy, tickets for which can be bought here.