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The KLF to build a pyramid from bricks made with the ashes of 34,592 dead people

The ambient legends' '23 year moratorium' is over...

The KLF are building a pyramid from bricks forged with the ashes of dead people, for a special event in Liverpool called ‘The Toxteth Day of the Dead’.

Jimmy Cauty and Bill Drummond, pioneers of the ambient movement in the 1990s, will create the ‘People’s Pyramid’ with bricks made through a process they call ‘MuMufication’ whereby 23 grams of a person’s ashed are fired into a brick.

There will be 34,592 bricks in the pyramid, built by K2 Plant Hire Ltd, and fans can sign up for being ‘MuMufied’ for 99p if you are a local resident or over 80, or for £9.99 if you are under 23. 

The event on 23rd November will see a reception with the duo in Toxteth Town Hall which will be free for local residents, and cost one supermarket shopping trolley for other visitors who want to attend. 

The duo will also reveal an "unexpected item" during the event between 12pm and 9pm GMT.

KLF announced a dramatic return to making music last year, after a '23 year moratorium’. 

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