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Liam Gallagher: ‘I’m not arsed about dance music’

Or new cars, or new rock 'n' roll, or reggae, or...

Thanks to the success of his legendary '90s rock group Oasis, Liam Gallagher continues to have a platform for spouting his opinions on, well, just about every topic imaginable. At the moment, the former Beady Eye frontman is “not arsed about fucking dance music”.

Currently on a press run ahead of his first solo full-length release, Gallagher had a laundry list of complaints to share with Noisey during a recent interview. Apparently, Gallagher also has issues with the current status of reggae (or maybe not), the new crop of British rock’n’roll, and 2017 automobiles.

“[T]here's too many so-called rock'n'roll bands in England getting away with fuckin' murder. They should be ashamed of the shit they put out. They need fuckin' shooting,” quips Gallagher when asked about the aesthetic shake-up on his own record.

“They've got the tools to make guitar music great and they're just fuckin' doing it half-arsed. They've got one foot in the fuckin' dance world and one foot in the fuckin' guitar world and they're just seeing which one fuckin' bites. They're there with their fuckin' keyboards and whistles and shit. If you're going to do "guitar music" you have to put a fuckin' guitar on a record. Put the fucker in. Stop wearing it like it's a fuckin' necklace.”

For additional context, Gallagher then goes on to criticize new cars for looking “like they took fuckin' 20 minutes to make” before championing his 'Wall of Glass' single because it “was written and recorded in a day out here in LA”.

The diminshment of Brit-rock and dance music follows recent negative critques by Diplo and Perry Farrell of EDM; a genre and culture they had formerly championed.  

For those who are arsed for Gallagher’s ramblings, check the complete interview here.