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Marissa Cetin
12 July 2022, 16:29

Liverpool FC’s new away kit is dedicated to the city’s ‘90s dance music scene

Local producer and promoter Yousef soundtracks music the ravey Nike campaign

Liverpool FC’s new away kit is dedicated to the city’s ‘90s dance music scene

Liverpool FC's new away kit is a nod to the city's dance music scene and history.

The ​​wavy, iridescent design pulls from rave aesthetics with vibrant multicolours in a trippy pattern, which is said to be inspired by the "pioneering role [Liverpool] played the 90s dance music scene". The Nike campaign video takes the dance music connection a step further by having local DJ, producer, promoter, label owner and Liverpool FC fan Yousef soundtrack it with his track 'Wildside', featuring Penny F. 

"it’s a true honour to be asked to represent the vibrant Liverpool music scene," Yousef said on Instagram.

The new away kit design updates the eternal flame emblem honouring the victims of the 1989 Hillborough stadium tragedy. In July 2021, Andrew Stanley Devine died due to injuries sustained in the crowd crush, increasing the death toll from 96 to 97, now depicted on the back of the jersey. 

Liverpool FC will debut the new kit today at a pre-season match against Manchester United in Bangkok, and fans everywhere can grab a jersey of their own from 19th August. 

In May, Liverpool FC invited Calvin Harris to DJ party hits modern and classic, like his Dua Lipa collaboration "One Kiss" and GALA's "Freed From Desire", atop the team's celebratory parade bus to cap off a season securing multiple Cup titles. 

Watch the kit's first look video.