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Liverpool to protect city's music venues with new policy

The "Agent of Change" will protect venues against unreasonable noise level complaints

Lawmakers in Liverpool have voted to protect the city's music venues.

The council in the city have adopted a new policy - the "Agent of Change" principle - that will protect established clubs and concert halls in the instance where occupants of new residential developments complain about noise levels.

Coming a few months after Berlin politicians and clubs teamed up to make the city's nightlife more sustainable earlier, the policy states that "any new development in proximity to a concert venue or nightclub must take measures to ensure the building has proper soundproofing."

Forming part of Liverpool’s UNESCO City of Music status, the principle has already been adopted in London and is set out within the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF).

Following the new ruling, Liverpool’s Head of UNESCO City of Music and Music Board member Kevin McManus said, "Too often, music venues become a victim of developers and we are seeing increasing issues in the city at the moment. The Baltic Triangle is a prime example and if we can adopt the Agent Of Change policy we can ensure that our enviable music scene and the city’s regeneration ambitions can co-exist."

A new record pressing plant is set to open in Liverpool next year, housed in The Jacaranda music venue.

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