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London’s Threads Radio launches crowdfunder to continue broadcasting

The Cause, the club that hosts its current studio, will close in a couple of months

Tottenham-based online radio station Threads Radio has launched a crowdfunding campaign to secure its future.

The campaign, through which the team behind the station hopes to raise £7,500, is "crucial to the future of the radio," Threads says. The station is currently preparing to relocate and find new studios as a result of the impending closure of Tottenham club The Cause at the end of this year.

With the money raised from the campaign, Threads hopes to be able to fit out the new studios and boost its capacity for organising community collaborations. 

"Subs paid by show hosts cover the basic costs associated with renting a London studio space, equipment maintenance and other overheads," explains the Threads team, "but they cannot stretch to this upheaval and the improvements we desperately need to evolve".

You can support the campaign here. The crowdfunder will come to a close on Sunday, December 15th.

Threads launched at the start of this year, promising "a unique selection of underground, cutting-edge music and a range of socially and politically-focused talk-based content".