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Christian Eede
15 March 2024, 13:15

Louie Vega confirms new Masters At Work and Nuyorican Soul albums are on the way

Vega revealed that nine tracks have already been completed for the Nuyorican Soul record

Photo of Louie Vega wearing a suit and red hat against a blue background

Louie Vega has revealed that he's currently working with Kenny Dope on new albums under both their joint Masters At Work and Nuyorican Soul guises.

In an interview published online by DJ Mag this week, Vega said: "We've been working on a new Nuyorican Soul. We already did about nine tracks, and it's feeling really good."

He went on to reveal that the duo are also working on a new album as Masters At Work alongside that Nuyorican Soul record, while further instalments in their monthly 'MAW Lost Tapes' series, which has seen them put out a number of unreleased cuts, are also forthcoming.

Vega, however, revealed there would be a wait before the world got to hear each record. "Before those two albums, we need to complete this album that we were just hired to do for Brian Jackson, who was Gil Scott-Heron's musical partner," he told DJ Mag. "That record's going to have a lot of amazing artists on it — imagine Brian Jackson meets Nuyorican Soul!"

It's not yet known when the Masters At Work or Nuyorican Soul albums will be released. There is also no release date for the record with Brian Jackson.

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In 2021, the duo released their first Masters At Work single, 'Mattel', in two decades.