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Arielle Lana LeJarde
20 May 2024, 10:12

​Marshall Jefferson announces 40-track Defected House Masters compilation

"It's almost like being in a House Music Hall of Fame."

Marshall Jefferson poses in front of a brick wall wearing a black backwards baseball cap and a black long-sleeve t-shirt that says "move your body"

Marshall Jefferson is the latest artist to receive a Defected Records 'House Masters' compilation.

Out on 29th May, the Chicago house pioneer will release a 40-track retrospective that will highlight Jefferson's solo hits, production credits, remixes, and underground favourites from his 50 year career. The record will include tracks such as the extended mix of his classic 'Move Your Body' as well as remixes of songs from CeCe Rogers, Kym Mazelle and Ten City.

"The music on this compilation is some of my best work and I’m very proud of it," Jefferson said in a press statement. "Hopefully someone else will enjoy it too. It’s an honour to be a Defected House Master; it’s almost like being in a House Music Hall of Fame, some very talented people have come before me and I hope I continue their legacy. These are my best songs and I hope people can not only dance to them but also get inspiration.”

Defected CEO Wez Saunders said, "Marshall Jefferson's impact on house music is immeasurable; from the very beginning his pioneering spirit and timeless sound have shaped the very essence of the genre. This edition of House Masters is a testament to his unparalleled legacy."

Earlier this year, Defected released Frankie Knuckles 'House Masters' edition.

In a new video interview with DJ Mag, Jefferson shares the story behind one of house music’s most treasured tracks, ‘Move Your Body’, taking us back to 1985 when he was working at a postal office in Chicago, and explaining that “the song just came to me”.  He adds that the track took just 15 minutes to make, with his friend Curtis McLain adding vocals on the same day that the instrumental was recorded. Watch the full video here.