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Martin Garrix prepares for Coachella with Dua Lipa in latest The Martin Garrix Show:Watch

Featuring Coachella, Dua Lipa, and toothpaste stains...

'The Martin Garrix Show', Season 2, Episode 7 has just been released online, following on from the last instalment in which he hit Palm Springs

This time round, the EDM superstar's life-on-film series gives viewers the chance to see him on the morning of Coachella festival. Three years earlier he performed at the event as a relative newcomer, but now finds himself front and centre as one of the biggest names on the bill. 

The footage follows the Dutchman from villa swimming pool to backstage area, introducing some of the hardworking 30-strong crew producing on his show in the process. Explaining how he's now much more involved in visual elements than previously, the youngest big gun in the scene then begins talking about singer Dua Lipa, who he is currently working on new music with, praising both her talent and personality, before she makes her own appearance in preparation for joining the producer on stage. 

At this point we also learn Garrix has toothpaste stains on his t-shirt, sometimes makes strange noises when he's getting nervous, and the show has some technical difficulties to overcome before the first track can be dropped. To find out what happens next you'll need to wait for Episode 8, which should be here soon. In the meantime, fans can keep themselves busy trying to bag tickets to watch Garrix in the midst of his production process during this year's ADE, at the DeLaMar venue on Wednesday 18th October.