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The Martinez Brothers have mixed the next edition of the Fabric Presents series

Spanning 23 tracks

The next installment of 'fabric presents' will be mixed by The Martinez Brothers. 

The DC-10 regulars follow entries by Bonobo and Kölsch, with a mix that covers 23 tracks spanning 75 minutes. 

Out September 27th on fabric’s label, the mix features three exclusive tracks by the New York-born brothers, as well as cuts from Dan Curtin, Louie Vega, Kai Alce, Funky People, Varhat, Sangre Voss and more. 

You can listen to clips on fabric’s website. And check out the new 13-track mixtape, ‘Space Jams Vol. 1', released by the brothers in July.


01. Tom Flynn - The Future feat. Mjojo & Bongani 

02. Varhat - Chhulub (Cabanne Remix) 

03. Frak - Bitter Drop 

04. Blaze feat. Piano Man - #6 Hubert St (Klubhead Style) 

05. Mahony & Floog - Nu Mai 

06. The Martinez Brothers - Jam Joint 

07. Funky People - Funky People feat. Cassio Ware (Klubhead Vocal) 

08. Sangre Voss - One Bad Mango 

09. The Bayara Citizens - Mafungo (Joe's Forest Version) 

10. Roots Orchestra - Kalabuta 

11. Kai Alce - Power Thru Pt 3 feat. Azulu Phantom (Don't Turn On The Lights) (Martinez Brothers Edit) 

12. Big Strick - Spontaneous Combustion 

13. Glen Lewis - Life Everlasting feat. Mjojo & Bongani (Dennis Ferrer's Passion Of C Dub) 

14. Love Letters - Ducue (Xtended Dick Dub) 

15. Dan Curtin - Echozeichen 

16. Brinton Mckay - Real Cool (Abe Duque Remix) 

17. The Martinez Brothers - Mistakes 

18. Trevor Rockcliffe - Visions Of You feat. Blake Baxter (Carl Cox Remix) 

19. Paul Johnson - House Illusion 

20. Party Crashers - Come And Get It 

21. Sir Lord Commix - Chicago Jazz 

22. K. Alexi Shelby - Spanish Fly 

23. Louie Vega & The Martinez Brothers - Let It Go (TMB Alternate Version)