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MasterSounds announce new high fidelity speaker system

The new CLARITY system is designed for high quality home listening

UK boutique audio company MasterSounds have announced a new speaker system called CLARITY. Made up on two satellite speakers called Cube 6, a subwoofer called SUB 8, and a PM160 amplifier, MasterSounds' founder Ryan Shaw said "the design ethos behind CLARITY is simplicity, versatility and flexibility, offering a beautifully open and natural soundstage in a compact and visually attractive package."

Costing £4,495, CLARITY is made in the UK by TPI at its Leicester plant, with the Cube 6 featuring an six-inch driver, the SUB8 an eight-inch driver and the PW160 delivering up to 320Wrms of power. The CLARITY system is hand-built with a three-week order time and can be purchased here.