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MF DOOM street-naming ceremony will take place this weekend

'KMD - MF DOOM Way' is located in Long Beach, New York, and honours both the rapper and his 1990s crew, KMD

An MF DOOM street-naming ceremony will take place this weekend, honouring the legendary rapper and producer. 

The road in Long Beach, New York, stretches from Long Beach Boulevard to Riverside Boulevard, where the artist and his brother grew up. It will become 'KMD - MF DOOM Way' on Saturday 31st July 2021 at 2PM EST. 

The new address is a reference to DOOM himself, real name Daniel Dumile, and the hip hop group he formed in the 1990s, KMD, alongside his brother, Dingilizwe ‘DJ Subroc’ Dumile, who died in 1993. The initiative was spearheaded by professor, public and social leader, and former classmate Dr. Patrick C. Graham, and the 'KMD - MF DOOM Way Committee' led by former-KMD dancer Jason 'J-Quest the Boogieman' Massey. 

"The honoring of Daniel Dumile, the artist known as MF DOOM, is part of a tradition that must include the hip hop generation," Graham told HipHopDX. "His hip hop lyricism represents some of the culture’s best linguistic metaphors, garnering intergenerational and interracial admiration. His life and art symbolise the resilience we need in our present context."

MF DOOM died on 31st October 2021, aged 49, but the news only broke on New Year's Eve. Since the tragedy, posthumous releases have included the 'Super What?' collaborative album with Czarface, and a remix of The Avalanches' 'Tonight May Have to Last Me All My Life'. DOOM also features in a new book celebrating hip hop's most influential figures, 'From Boom to Trap'.