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More people are going to festivals than ever before, report says

The festival market will be worth €4.1bn by 2020...

A new report conducted by leading festival travel platform, Festicket, has found that more and more people are going music festivals and they're travelling further afield in search of their perfect festival experience.

Festicket boasts it's the world's leading festival travel platform with over 1 million users and therefore has a lot of insight into how festival trends are changing.

Whilst the United Kingdom boasts 27 major festivals, it's actually in mainland Europe where attendance numbers have skyrocketed, with destinations like Italy seeing a 457% rise in traveller numbers since 2016.

According to the survey, 67% of festival attendees are choosing to camp rather than pay for expensive hotels, with festivalgoers from Italy and Belgium more likely to stay in a hotel the report has found.

Other interesting insights include festivals in the United States seeing the highest average spend of €578, with Thailand being the lowest at just €396.

The tickets and travel platform predicts the annual festival market will be worth €4.1bn by 2020, almost doubling from 2016's valuation of €2.3bn.

“After five years of working with festivals worldwide, and gathering data insights from the front-line, it’s amazing to see how the market keeps growing and changing over time," said Festicket founder and CEO, Zack Sabban.

"More people are going to festivals than ever before, and they’re travelling further to find the experience they’re looking for. At the same time, festivals themselves are diversifying and expanding, creating more choice for fans.”

Check out the full report below.