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Museum of Modern Electronic Music to open in Frankfurt this year

The museum will pull together exhibitions and installations celebrating the history of electronic music

A new museum dedicated to electronic music is opening in Frankfurt this October.

The Museum of Modern Electronic Music (MOMEM) will be the first institution of its kind, and will explore the sounds and people that have shaped the history of electronic music. 

The museum will be populated with exhibition rooms, performance areas and installations, while there will also be a library space that will allow people to dig through a vast expanse of electronic music history. Instruments, turntables and software inside the space will allow guests to create music of their own too.

The exhibition rooms will focus on key moments in the history of electronic music, telling important stories via old flyers, artwork and more.

Outside, the design of the building takes inspiration from 12” vinyl records and their sleeves, as well as the materials that have been used to make soundsystems. Soundwave graphics will be placed around the museum, and interactive areas will allow passers-by to manipulate soundwaves through exterior touchscreens.

The museum has also revealed that live gigs from local and international artists will be streamed on MOMEM’s exterior, with viewers able to connect via Bluetooth.

The project is under the stewardship of Alex Azary, who's produced music under a number of aliases going back more than two decades, and was inspired to develop the project by Technoclub founder Andreas “Talla” Tomalla, who came up with the initial idea for the museum in 2011.

Plans to build the museum were initially announced in 2015, with it being trialled in pop-up form in 2018 before coming to full fruition this year.

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