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Marissa Cetin
2 March 2023, 18:20

Nabihah Iqbal announces new album, ‘DREAMER’, on Ninja Tune

"For the first time ever, I’ve made music where I’ve been more patient with it", the London artist said about her "introspective" second LP, out this April

Nabihah Iqbal announces new album, ‘DREAMER’, on Ninja Tune
Credit: Joseph Hayes

Nabihah Iqbal is back on Ninja Tune with a new album called 'DREAMER', out in April. Watch the video for lead single 'This World Couldn't See Us' below.

The London artist's ten-track LP is her first since her 2017 debut full-length 'Weighing Of The Heart', also for Ninja Tune. The "introspective" second album was made in the aftermath of a personally tumultuous start to 2020, according to the label. First, her studio was burgled. Then, she received urgent news about her grandfather's health and traveled to Pakistan, where she remained for months as the coronavirus pandemic led to lockdowns globally.

"Going to Pakistan turned into a blessing in disguise," Iqbal said. "It affected my perspective on music. At the time, being forcefully removed from the whole scenario of the burglary felt frustrating, but it was the best thing that could have happened."

Iqbal elaborates on how that affected her writing and production process: "For the first time ever, I’ve made music where I’ve been more patient with it. Normally, when you’re an electronic music producer, you go into the studio, switch your computer on and start working on Ableton or Logic and then build up from that. Whereas, I decided not to go near all that for ages, and I was also forced into this approach in a way, because of the studio burglary and then being in Pakistan, away from all my equipment. Instead, I had to let the ideas develop in my head."

The album is out on vinyl, CD and digital platforms on 28th April.

Nabihah Iqbal, AKA Throwing Shade, was recently confirmed as the guest director of the 2023 Brighton Festival, taking place this May in the coastal East Sussex town. 

Iqbal headlined a Daytimers and RepresentAsian joint party at Bristol venue Lost Horizon in November last year.

Check out 'DREAMER' on Bandcamp, and watch the video for 'This World Couldn’t See Us', directed by Reuben Bastienne-Lewis.