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Nachtditigal announces it will end after 2019 edition

The German festival launched in 1997...

German festival Nachtdigital is to come to an end this summer.

The festival, which began in 1997, will host its final edition in August, organisers have announced. "We feel a desire for change," the festival told Resident Advisor. "We grew from a one-day rave without a real stage—we just put the record players on the balcony of the main building in the bungalow village—to a proper three-day festival with five different stages hosting more than 60 artists each year."

The festival's statement continues: "However—and this is also one reason why we want a change and stop with Nachtdigital—much of our energy isn't going into the festival itself anymore... The subculture where we started from has changed tremendously, which also brought a lot of positive things into our small and tiny world in Olganitz, but we feel that the outside demands create an inner conflict we feel uncomfortable with. This is the time when you know that you have to do something about it."

This year's event will feature sets from Batu, Helena Hauff, Gerd Janson, Job Jobse, Powder, Deena Abdelwahed and lots more. Find more information here.