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National Independent Venues Association warns US Government of “mass collapse of this industry”

NIVA represent more than 2000 independent venues across the U.S.

The National Independent Venues Association (NIVA) has warned the US Government that the live music industry is facing collapse.

Issuing a statement last night (6th), the NIVA addressed the breakdown of COVID Relief Talks between Congress and The White House, urging decisions to be made quickly before the "mass collapse of this industry".

Audrey Fix Schaefer, director of communications for NIVA, said in the statement: ““We have been sounding the alarm since April that if our members don’t get emergency assistance, they will go under forever -- and it’s happening. This is real. We need help. We urge Congress and the White House to continue negotiations and reach a deal quickly or there will be a mass collapse of this industry.

"The Save Our Stages Act has already passed the House and has strong bipartisan support with more than 160 Congresspeople cosponsoring because they know independent venues can be part of our country’s economic renewal once it’s safe to welcome people back – if our venues can survive this pandemic. We're also hoping for the sake of our furloughed employees that the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance will be extended, as people are suffering through no fault of their own."

The NIVA represents over 2,000 indepdent venues across the U.S., including 9:30 club in Washington (pictured), First Avenue in Minneapolis, and Philadelphia's World Cafe Live.

In August, Pioneer DJ released a new documentary, entitled Distant Dancefloors, presenting a 360-degree view of the economical, psychological and social impact COVID-19 has had on global club culture.

In May, the UKs Music Venue Trust’s #SaveOurScene campaign was launched with the intention of raising funds and highlighting the challenges faced by small music venues and clubs amid the coronavirus lockdown. Over 550 independent clubs and venues are at risk of permanent closure  according to the Music Venue Trust, whose website outlines the venues across the UK that are under threat.