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The Neptunes tease return with mysterious social media post

Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo are up to something

Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo look set to return as The Neptunes soon, if some recent social media activity is to be believed.

Official Twitter and Instagram accounts for The Neptunes appeared on Sunday (17th May), with an illustrated image of Williams and Hugo as their avatars. A single post on each account shows an image of a starry night sky and nothing else. 

What this means exactly remains to be seen, but earlier this year Hugo shared in an interview with Clash that he and Williams had been working on new Neptunes music along with numerous collaborators.

“I’m focussing on The Neptunes stuff,” he said. “Getting back on The Neptunes grind. We’re doing a couple of things. There’s a videogame soundtrack I’m doing [solo] that’s in the works right now that I can’t speak about, I’m not supposed to, but uh, it’s in the works right now. We just did some work with Blink 182, Lil Uzi Vert, Brandy, Ray-J, Snoh Alegra, G-Eazy...”

The Neptunes originally came together in 1994, accumulating production credits on dozens of Billboard Hot 100 hits between the late ‘90s and early 00’s, including work with artists such as Jay-Z, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Kelis and Snoop Dogg. The duo released a solo album ‘Clones’ in 2003.