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This new book takes you inside London's independent record stores

60 vinyl shops are included from across the UK capital... 

A new book takes readers inside London’s independent record stores. 

Logically entitled 'Vinyl London: A Guide to Independent Record Shops', the publication has been written by Tom Greig and contains original photography by Sam Mellish. 

60 vinyl emporiums are featured, including shops, stalls, fairs and cafes in the UK capital. Phonica Records, Independent Label Market, Spiritland, Alan's and Crypt of the Wizard are all included. 

The book comes at a time when vinyl is making more for the British music industry than YouTube with sales in 2018 five times higher than 2013. Entries are organised by location, with sections such as Soho, North, East, South, West and Suburbs, alongside Vinyl Cafes and Markets. Listings contain addresses, maps and opening times, in addition to stock information.

'Vinyl London' is just one in a series by ACC Art Books looking at creative cultures in London.