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Jack Ramage
25 October 2023, 15:06

New Justice album gave Ed Banger’s Busy P “goosebumps”

"I have goosebumps when I’m listening to the forthcoming [2024] Justice album," Busy P said

New Justice album gave Busy P “goosebumps”

Pedro Winter, AKA Busy P, recently shared that the upcoming Justice album, scheduled for a 2024 release, evokes the same goosebumps as when he initially heard the duo's debut 'Cross.'

In a recent interview with NME, where the French label head walked through the releases of Ed Banger Records, Winter said: “Listening to ‘Cross,’ I had goosebumps – I loved each and every note of this record, and I have goosebumps when I’m listening to the forthcoming [2024] Justice album, too.”

“I can only be proud as a manager to work with a band that is pushing the boundaries and innovating like them. We are celebrating the 20 years of Ed Banger, but we are also celebrating 20 years of Justice,” he continued. 

“We can now look back and agree, there was definitely a change [in electronic music],” Busy P also said in the interview,  explaining the influence of ‘Genesis’, the opener of Justice’s ‘Cross’ album had on electronic music. 

“People were like, ‘What’s going on with this distortion? These heavy metal visuals with these funky basslines; [Justice] are affiliated with Daft Punk – who are these guys?”

The upcoming LP from the French duo is yet to be named but is set for release in 2024, and will mark Justice’s fourth full-length album. From Winter’s comments, it seems the highly-anticipated album could well be as groundbreaking as their debut. 

News of Justice’s upcoming album and an accompanying 2024 tour circulated earlier this year when Winter announced they’d be emerging from their five-year hiatus on the French radio news station, France Inter.  

While on hiatus, the duo marked their fifteen-year milestone with a series of reissues. This included a deluxe 15th-anniversary edition of their iconic debut album, '†', as well as new vinyl releases of the acclaimed 2008 live recording, 'A Cross the Universe', and the Dior soundtrack, 'Planisphere,' initially introduced in the same year. 

Read the full interview with Busy P, published by NME, here.