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Marissa Cetin
5 March 2024, 17:02

New mix platform,, launches with payments for DJs and producers

The new subscription-based mix platform asks, "What if we treated music with the value it deserves?" — the first edition is helmed by Fever AM's Mor Elian and Rhyw

New mix platform,, launches with payments for DJs and producers

A new mix platform wants to "give music the value it deserves" by paying contributing DJs and featured artists. is a new subscription-based mix platform founded and curated collectively by creatives in music, according to the press release. It's intended to reinstill the value of the form as "we miss the importance that mixes used to have", the crew wrote on their website. 

"A mix is as important a creative statement as an album, remix or EP... but mixes have become token content, requested for free then exchanged for promotion, pushed out into the world on a daily basis", the press release reads. "Unless a mix is licensed, neither the DJ nor the artists whose music is played get paid." will use membership fees to not only pay the DJs contributing mixes, but they'll also pay out artists whose music is featured in the mixes by sharing playlists via DVS1's Aslice service. The fees will also cover the costs of keeping the platform running. Each mix will be accompanied by a digital members-only zine, featuring an interview with the DJ(s) by a music journalist, and designs by graphic and visual artists. For's first six months, fees are waived in the interest of building the platform and community. 

The first edition, available now, is helmed by Fever AM founders Mor Elian and Rhyw. Last November, they both released solo EPs on their label: Rhyw's 'Mister Melt' and Mor Elian's 'Glue Kit'. 

For more on how DVS1's Aslice works, revisit Declan McGlynn's 2022 interview.

Check out's website, and listen to the mixes by Mor Elian and Rhyw below.