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New York city might be getting its own night mayor

Councilman Rafael Espinal begins a campaign for a New York city night mayor...

New York councilman Rafael Espinal wants New York city to have its own night mayor that would lookout for smaller venue's interests.

“What I imagine the office doing is finding ways we can be helpful in creating a business-friendly environment that supports nightlife,” Espinal told Gothamist in an interview this week. “And I want to make sure that we’re not a city where artists’ ability to express themselves is hindered by bureaucracy.”

Espinal has cited the recent closing of Brooklyn venue Shea Stadium — which was forced to close recently due to “pressure from the local authorities" — as one of the main reasons why New York city needs its own night mayor.

“I feel like these venues are facing a whole array of issues, getting up to code, and also dealing with pressures of real estate market here in New York,” he said. “We’ve gotten to the point where the only venues who are able to survive in this city are the high-end nightclubs in the Meatpacking district or places with similar business models.”

Plans are still in the early planning phase — with no candidates for the position being mentioned — but Espinal feels the ideal candidate would be someone with plenty of experience of "frequenting DIY venues.”

New York city's actual mayor has yet to comment on Espinal's campaign for a night mayor.