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Marissa Cetin
7 November 2023, 17:37

New York club Nowadays opens Mexican restaurant inside venue

The Zumbador, founded by a husband and wife duo who are longtime Nowadays staffers, will serve up Pueblan cuisine at the Ridgewood space

New York club Nowadays opens Mexican restaurant inside venue
Credit: The Zumbador

New York venue Nowadays is opening a Mexican restaurant in its indoor space.

The Zumbador will open at the Ridgewood, Queens space from its soft-launch tomorrow, according to Resident Advisor. Founded by husband-and-wife duo Maria Bravo and Fernando Adan, the restaurant and menu will focus on homestyle cuisine from Puebla in southeast Mexico. What makes the region's cuisine unique is how it incorporates indigenous, Spanish, and Middle Eastern influences. 

Bravo and Adan have been longtime staffers at Nowadays, founded in 2015 as an outdoor space by Mister Saturday Night/Sunday's Eamon Harkin and Justin Carter. Adan helped build the crowdfunded indoor venue for its 2017 opening. 

For music programming this month, Nowadays is hosting the likes of DJ Bone, Boo Lean, Doctor Jeep and a triple-back-to-back with Kush Jones, DJ SWISHA and AceMoMA, as well as residents DJ Voices, who plays all night this Saturday, Anthony Naples, Soul Summit and Honcho.