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New record pressing plants opened on five continents last year

Plants cropped up on five different continents…

It’s no secret that the vinyl resurgence has been under way for some time now. Although much of this is attributable to classic album re-issues, vinyl as a medium is as popular within the electronic music sphere as it has been since the turn of the millennium. 

Needless to say, the results of the major records labels cashing in on the public’s rediscovered penchant for all things vinyl has often had an adverse effect on pressing times where smaller, independent labels are concerned (we’re looking at you, MPO).

However, with more plants opening up we’re hoping that such delays will now be a thing of the past. 

And it wasn’t just in obvious places where new plants opened up last year. Indeed, a tiny island off the coast of Canada, a former Dutch prison and a base on the outskirts of Seoul are all indicative of a resurgence that’s very much worldwide. And with Japan’s first plant in over 30 years set to open over the coming months, these are heady times indeed for Asian lovers of the black wax. 

Spare a thought, however for our friends in Africa, who are yet to have their own plant. Fingers crossed it's not too far off!