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Marissa Cetin
28 May 2024, 19:17

Nyege Nyege Festival announces 2024 dates and theme, Afrogalactic Carnival

The ninth edition of Uganda's biggest annual tourism event will go ahead in November at the source of the Nile

Nyege Nyege Festival announces 2024 dates and theme, Afrogalactic Carnival

Nyege Nyege Festival will return for 2024 under the theme Afrogalactic Carnival.

The ninth edition of the Ugandan festival will run from 14th November through the 17th at a new location at the source of the Nile by Jinja. The theme will aim to highlight "future-forward music with ancestral traditions", according to the press release, as well as a continued emphasis on traditional Ugandan music and artists.

"Nyege Nyege aims to reflect Uganda’s hospitality and cultural diversity, advocating for peace and an insatiable thirst for a good time, which is the exact definition of Nyege Nyege in Uganda", festival organiser Derek Debru said in a press statement. 

The new location includes an aquapark and campgrounds, with links to other neighbouring campsites and a resort.

The Nyege Nyege Festival 2024 line-up will be announced on 1st July. Last year's edition features the likes of Kampire, DJ Znobia, Tash LC, Rosa Pistola, DJ Marcelle and more.

The festival has been named Uganda's biggest tourism event by the Uganda Tourism Board, anticipated to bring in a $10 million boost to the local economy and to create 4,000 jobs directly and indirectly connected to the festival. 

The 2022 festival was nearly at risk of being shut down due to pressure from conservative and homophobic Ugandan government officials. Organisers went ahead with the event. 

Find more information and tickets on Nyege Nyege's website