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Om Unit: “It’s not OK to harass a DJ while they are working”

DJ and producer takes to Instagram to issue comment...

Om Unit has shared a note on Instagram discouraging clubgoers from bothering DJs while they are playing.

It's not clear if an exact incident triggered the post, but the note specifically addresses clubgoers who request different music to what is being played and repeatedly bother DJs while they are playing.

"Requesting a different genre than is programmed/playing just because YOU want to hear it.. especially repeatedly," the note cites as one example of unacceptable behaviour, adding, "You are being an unreasonable control freak. And acting out your own little power issues and you probably need to take a look at yourself."

The message concludes, "It's not ok. Ever.. NOT EVER to harass a DJ whilst they are working, ESPECIALLY when EVERYONE ELSE BUT YOU IS HAVING A GOOD TIME."

You can see the post for yourself here.

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