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Jack Ramage
2 February 2024, 12:03

Orbital release ‘Tonight In Belfast’ with David Holmes, DJ Helen and Mike Garry: Watch the video

The duo are set to embark on a US and UK live tour next month

Orbital drops new track, ‘Tonight In Belfast’
Credit: Martyn Goodacre

Orbital have shared a new version of their classic 1991 track, 'Belfast'. Watch the video for 'Tonight In Belfast' below.

The reimagined single is based upon David Holmes' remix of the track, which was released as part of their 2022 album '30 Something'. Mixed by DJ Helen, the new version incorporates spoken vocals by Manchester-based street poet, Mike Garry.

The accompanying music video depicts a man walking through a dystopian setting in a spacesuit, reciting Mike Garry’s poem. Speaking about the collaboration, Mike Garry said: “I met DJ Helen in 2019 in my capacity as an educationalist. She told me she thought my poem ‘Tonight’ would sit beautifully over  Orbital’s ‘Belfast’.” 

“I wasn't familiar with the track, so she played it to me and I did the poem silently in my head, and she was right - it sat really well. But then I discovered the David Holmes' remix and I thought it worked even better.”

Orbital added: “Like all good collaborations of this nature this one changes the whole landscape and creates so much more than the sum of its parts.”

The single's release comes ahead of the legendary English electronic duo's upcoming UK and US live tour, where they will be playing their first two self-titled records, 'The Green Album' and 'The Brown Album', in full. Last month, it was announced that 1991's 'The Green Album' is set for a special edition vinyl reissue.

Watch the video for ‘Tonight In Belfast’ below.