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People are going out more, for longer, and spending more on nights out, survey finds

Partying has hit at a three-year high

People in the UK are going out more, staying out for longer and spending more money on nights out now than in the last three years, the most recent Deltic Night Index has found.

2,300 people were surveyed for Deltic's quarterly investigation, which examines the role that a night out plays in today's society, and those asked were surveyed about different kinds of nights out, including trips to the cinema, restaurants, pubs and nightclubs.

Despite a 15.5% increase in the cost of a night out between January and March this year, in contrast to the same three-month period in 2018, the report details spending on drinks in clubs and bars, food and money spent on transport are all up by over 10%.

In terms of total spending, the average cost of a night out in 2019 was £70.69, with 58.5% of people sharing they know their budget before a night out, and 23.1% not willing exceed that budget. The Index also showed that regionally, Glaswegians spend the most on a night out at £76.90, while those in Nottingham are spending over £10 less with a night out in the city costing £65.26.

The survey also detailed that 58.1% of people still go out at least once a week, despite the increase in cost, with the average night out in the country lasing three to four hours for 39.4% of people, and 37.2% of those surveyed staying out for up to six hours.

A study recently found that more than 3.7 billion brits over 45 go raving once a week, with another finding that 69% of people think you're never too old to rave.