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More than 3.7 million Brits over 45 go raving once a week, study finds

Rave culture is alive and well, whatever your age. 

A new study has shown that over 3.7 million over 45s in Britain go raving at least once a week. 

This latest research was inspired by an earlier study by Currys PC World, which came to the conclusion that 31 is the age where people start to put their raving shoes away and instead opt for cosy nights in, even going so far as to say that by 37 it's "officially tragic" to be hitting the club. The (slightly) older ravers amongst us were having none of it, the latest results showing that a passion for club culture definitely does not have an age limit.

One clubber said, "in the hedonistic days of acid house, no one ever asked your age", with another hitting back at Currys PC World by saying "anyone worth their salt knows not to go" ... "you get better quality stuff and cheaper elsewhere." 

Given that the golden days of UK rave occurred long before many of us were a twinkle in an eye, it's no surprise that our OG British ravers are committed to the party for longer than the average PC World customer might assume. 

59-year-old former Kiss FM DJ Gordon Mac heads up the EverGroovers, a group of ravers that will not give up the rave just because they've grown a little older. 60% of EverGroovers have said that nothing will stop them from raving, and 24% have even said they rave more now, in their 40s, than they did when they were younger.