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Porter Robinson dropped a surprise Virtual Self set on Holy Ship!: Watch

11.0 departing 10th January...

Porter Robinson surprised Holy Ship! 10.0 with an unannounced Virtual Self set. It was only the second live performance from the newest Robinson alias.

Virtual Self singles ‘Ghost Voices’ and ‘EON Break’ proved to be precursors for the project’s debut EP release in late-November 2017. The five-track offering contained an array of experimental productions ranging from deep house-basslines and trance to EDM-caked D&B and left-field house.

On 29th December, Robinson made a clear declaration about his forthcoming live set: “no virtual self music at porter shows, no porter music at virtual self shows! eveeeeeerrrrrrrrr”

Holy Ship! 11.0 sets sail today 10th January.

Clips from the performance can be found below: