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Public Enemy’s ‘Fight the Power’ sees surge in streams during George Floyd protests

Tracks by Beyoncé, Kendrick Lamar and more also saw increased streams

Public Enemy’s ‘Fight the Power’ is among a number of songs to see a surge in streams amid the ongoing George Floyd protests.

The protests have been taking place globally since the end of May, following the death of George Floyd, a 46-year-old black man who lived in Minneapolis, Minnesota, who was killed by white police officer, Derek Chauvin. Footage of the arrest shows Chauvin kneeling on Floyd’s neck for nine minutes, ignoring him as he repeatedly pleads, “I can’t breathe”.

Last week, Alpha Data, the data analytics provider that power the Rolling Stone charts, revealed that streams of N.W.A's 'Fuck Tha Police' had increased by 272% during the protests. Now, in another article published on Rolling Stone, Alpha Data revealed that during the same time period, streams of Public Enemy's 'Fight The Power' went up by 89%, and Beyoncé’s 'Freedom' saw an increase of 70%.

Kendrick Lamar's 'Alright' saw a surge in streams too, with a 71% increase in playback, and tracks by rapper and actvisit Killer Mike and James Brown saw an increase of 542% and 455% respectively.

Read the full article via Rolling Stone here.

Killer Mike recently delivered an emotional speech to protestors in Atlanta, urging them to use the time to "plot, plan, strategize, organize, and mobilize."

The music industry and fans are among the hundreds to have donated to organisations and funds in aid of protesters in Minneapolis and black community initiatives following the killing of George Floyd.

Below, you will find some links to organisations/fundraisers you can donate to:

The George Floyd Memorial Fund:

Black Visions Collective (BLVC):


The Minnesota Freedom Fund:

Black Lives Matter:

Reclaim the Block: